Inspired Metal Coins
Conceptual Pieces Of Art

A Premium and Inspired Metal Coin Collection

Engaged to great cultural value - Each premium item carries a rare blend of superb craftsmanship and a passion for molding the extraordinary, transforms carefully selected materials into a fine creation.

Five unique metal coins inspired by our Dice Box Collection are designed specifically for tabletop gamers as well as fantasy enthusiasts and collectors. Each one is handcrafted as a unique luxury item, a desirable stand-alone object, to use at your board games and RPGs enriching your gaming experience.


1.41"/36mm diameter
0.157"/4mm thick


This top quality metal coin collection, made from Zamac - an alloy made up of aluminium and zinc, which is then combined with copper to create an absolutely precious and vintage style - finished off by hand, gives a unified conception result, as well as a unique impression. The 2 “Enamelled Pirate Compass” designs follows the method of color enameling, giving an extra premium touch in your collection.

The 5 concept designs are:

  • The Pirate Compass Enamelled - Gold
  • The Pirate Compass Enamelled - Silver
  • The Viking Dragon - Silver
  • The Aztec Calendar - Gold
  • The Norse Viking Bear - Silver