Game Master Kit
Conceptual Pieces Of Art

The Game Master Kit

Magic Secrets

This masterwork piece of hardware is designed specifically for today's tabletop gamers. A complete package that can be used for several games - according to its concept - could be your perfect companion, making your game upgraded and new! This treasure - carrying all the items you need - acts as a storage area for hiding your rolls, coins, tokens, paws, playing cards, whatever and by removing the 3 wooden dividers allows you to reconfigure the box from six compartments to a single one and to use it as a fantastic rolling tray.
Six unique premium set of amazing components of the highest quality are included in each Master box and can be used for several fantasy games, giving players an immersive gaming experience!

Engaged to great cultural value - Each premium wooden Dice Box carries a rare blend of superb craftsmanship and a passion for molding the extraordinary, transforms carefully selected materials into a fine creation.


We put these amazing large wooden dice boxes through multiple design revisions in order to find the perfect balance between size and usage. A stable and ergonomic wooden divider (cross) can easily organize your gaming materials inside the box and can be easily removed.
The depth of the tray (1.96") will keep your dice collected when rolling as well as allows you to see and pick them up easily. Giving your dice plenty of room to bounce off of the sides and stay confined to the box, keeping them from rolling off of your game table or knocking your minis and other gaming materials.

approx. 9.84"/25cm Wide x 13.77"/35cm Long x 2.75"/7cm Tall
(when lid is opened)
approx. 11.81"/30cm Wide x 11.81"/30cm Long x 3.54"/9cm Tall
(when lid is closed)
approx. 8.93"/22.7cm Wide x 12.87"/32.7cm Long x 1.96"/5cm Tall


All boxes are handmade from high-quality wood, with absolute precision, resulting in a strong, stable and warp-resistant construction. Every single metallic component is meticulously designed, individually handcrafted skilled labor and finished off by hand. A result of great inspiration and high-level workmanship using premium materials sourced from all around the world.


All metallic components made from a fine blend alloy, particularly formulated and then chemically aged to build up to a rich oxidized coating giving it’s antiqued finish. Aside from its durability and weight, this alloy reproduces the finest detail - especially to those amazing coins that color looks and feel so real, giving a unique impression in your RPG story!


The 3 amazing card tokens set are meticulously designed and both sides printed on high-quality PVC, having excellent durability.


Inspired artwork printed on high-quality fabric, give the immersive experience you need in your game.


Designed to be both ergonomic and low profile. The rolling surface is lined with fine quality leather that not only holds up plastic or metal dice but also provides maxi- mum cushion reducing dice wear and noise during a match. This exceptional leather is also lined at the back of the lid for a similar aesthetic result, while ensures that it is perfect in all aspects! Available in black, red or brown to suit your taste.


Choose a premium wood finish in black or brown color and personalize your premium accessory.


Each wooden box has one of three unique concept decoration.

The 3 concept design options are:

• Magic Secrets

Games where the GMK can be used at Magic: The Gathering, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Alchemists, Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, Chaotic Trading Card Game, Mystic Vale, and in all games representing magic forces!

• Sci-Fi Subgenres

Games where the GMK can be used at Pokémon Trading Card Game, BattleTech Card Game, Android: Netrunner, Shadowrun: Crossfire, Cardfight! Vanguard, Android, Mecanisburgo or any games set in the future!

• Skulls and Death

This GMK theme will be great for games like Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, Duel Masters Trading Card Game, Merchants and Marauders and other fantasy games!

The metallic decoration in all concept decorations are available in silver and gold.


  • A wooden Box with your choice of concept design option (Magic Secrets, Sci-Fi Subgenres or Skulls and Death)
    Metallic decoration option (Silver/Gold)
    Wood finish option (Black/Brown)
    Leather color option (Black/Red/Brown)
  • 3 Removable Wooden Dividers for organizing your gaming materials
  • A small Wooden Box great for holding and rolling your dice
  • 2 Dices - 0.55’’ (14mm)
  • A Dice pouch for storing your dices
  • 3 Themed Card Token both sides printed on high-quality PVC -23.2’’X 33.4’’ (59X85mm)
  • A Themed Unit Coin Set of three coins
    Gold - Diameter: 1.37” (35mm) - Thickness: 0.098” (2,5mm)
    Silver - Diameter: 1.22” (31mm) - Thickness: 0.098” (2,5mm)
    Copper - Diameter: 1.1” (28mm) - Thickness: 0.098” (2,5mm)
  • A Themed Flip Coin - Diameter: 1.57” (40mm) - Thickness: 0.11” (3mm)
  • A Themed Pawn
  • 3 Metal bar token-Gold, Silver, Copper - 8.66” X 16.14” (220X410mm) - Thickness: 0.275” (7mm)
  • A Themed Playmat printed on high-quality fabric - 17.7” X 9.84” (450X250mm)

Each Dice Box | Rolling Tray set weighs 5.51lbs (2.5kg).


Magic Secrets
Sci-fi Subgenres
Skulls and Death