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One Team, one Spirit, one Dream.

We believe that together we can do anything.

BRAIN CONCEPTUAL is a modern manufacturing unit, engaged in creating premium quality products. From our strong family heritage since 1978, today our integrated manufacturing unit exports beloved products all over the world.

As lifelong gamers ourselves, as well as creative designers artisans and expert-craftsmen, enables us to do what we love the most: deliver impressive design, exquisite craftsmanship, and fine quality materials to the tabletop gaming community. Synthesizing new ideas, collecting precious experiences every day, we desire to create products that crush the market and sales goals in a wide variety of products categories.

The process we follow ensures each one of us, is informed, aligned and energized. Our special-ops team makes innovation by pointing all of us in the right direction all the way to the finish line. Strong family bonds, great teamwork, longlasting friendships, creative-led culture, inspiring and challenging working environment makes BRAIN CONCEPTUAL an exciting place to work.


All we add is Strong Passion for Creativity & Innovation.

Every little piece tells its own little story.

Traditional craftsmanship and flawless manufacturing techniques, handed down from generation to generation, since 1978, today much has changed, but our mission remains: to produce the finest quality products, to offer unparalleled, uncompromising service and customer satisfaction, staking our name and reputation on that satisfaction.

Generating new ideas and visualizing great concepts our creative people always seeks for innovation. Committed to creating products that will mean a lot to you, we strongly believe that tiniest things can make the biggest difference. Whether it’s metal components, prototypes, designs or final products finishing we sweat the small details because that’s often where the magic is.
Each small or big piece we create isn't a purchase of a mass-produced, cookie-cutter product from a faceless corporate machine. It's a rare blend of superb craftsmanship, a unique work of art created by our team and carries a part of our soul and legacy. All we add is our strong passion to everyday work.


The Sky is the Limit.

It is about more.

BRAIN CONCEPTUAL is ready to materialize the visions of the next generation of the family. Extensions and modernization investments are continuous, having as an aim to meet and expand the needs for new products.

The specially formed facilities, the company’s continuous enhancement with cutting-edge equipment and the ongoing cooperation with the biggest companies in the industry, have turned BRAIN CONCEPTUAL to one of the most modern and versatile units in the manufacturing industry.

Our Research and Development department constantly seeks new techniques and practices in order to give effective and quality solutions to every requirement. Thorough behavior knowledge of the required material in order be perfect performed, our talented team and our ever-expanding facilities allows us to be solutions-oriented whilst still retaining focus on the end product.
We want to win wherever we compete!

New and imaginative ideas into reality.

Our Fantasy Collection.. can set the scene!

Combining our lifelong love of both crafts and RPG gaming, we produce any kind of requests, oriented to the specific needs of great concepts.
A desire to go deeper to surround yourself with items that carry meaning and extend the story was the inspiration for our Premium Fantasy Collection!

Creating a high standard unique collection, completely handmade of the finest selection materials ignites your and your friends' imagination. These uncommon premium fantasy pieces seem to speak to that love of immersion we see in this kind of gamer!

Finally presenting a perfect end result; a joy to behold and pleasure to play, a conceptual piece of art reflected in the detail and fine finishing.