A Unique Way Of Creating

Creative team.
Ideas matter.

Big ones, small ones, but always great ones. Ideas define our strategic design. A special-ops team, with each member bringing a unique perspective to bear. Brilliantly innovative, super creative with a vibrant design-led culture.
For us strategic thinking before superficial design, enabling us to create work that is both beautifully executed and impressively effective. Our innovation process ensures everyone is informed, aligned and energized. BRAIN CONCEPTUAL makes innovation by pointing all of us in the right direction - all the way to the finish line.

Define the innovation.

We believe in the power of design and technology as a force for unlocking business potential and building value. From prototypes to products to launching new businesses, we make your most pressing business needs our most important priorities. Our specialized prototype design department, analyses, designs and transforms every need or idea from a sketch to an object or a component. Starting from presenting the item on paper, followed by the procedures of zincography, of sculpture and 3D printing, we can produce any prototype in a short time period.

Custom made.
Personalize your product.

Through our specialized team, we will be happy to design elegant executive gifts, presents for business associates, or recognizing employees, organized to work directly on your most pressing innovation needs and always within your budget.
Your company logo or unique message can be placed on the product engraved, embossing, on a plaque etc. The combination of the metal with different materials such as plexiglass, wood etc. transforms every object in an original creation producing a unique result. Using the special technique of adding hot enamel on the objects, color is added enlivening the metal, giving a unique property to it.
This product can be exclusive and customization will give you the opportunity to offer limited edition products to those that mean the most to you. Our custom made service is an opportunity for us to work together with you, and share our passion for disruptive innovation.